High pressure rigid tubes

The evolution of injection systems has led Chesini Meccanica to invest continually in the research and development of products and processes that meet increasingly advanced criteria. Chesini Meccanica produces rigid tubes for high and very high pressure, with operating values of up to 2,400 bar. The tubes can transport fuel fluids such as diesel fuel/petrol or LPG/methane and are 100% guaranteed with tests.

Tubes and nozzles for lubrication systems

In the systems of circulation of hydraulic fluids, there are requirements of connection and lubrication through rigid and flexible tubes and spray nozzles. Chesini Meccanica makes these connections by adopting processes of assembly, drilling, spot welding, welding and burning, bending and inspection and testing with automatic 100% quality control tests.

Connected and welded, rigid and flexible tubes

Production of connected and welded and burned tubes for fluids and gas, which ensure maximum functionality thanks to precision tests in air and in helium. These components are guaranteed for uses under pressure and under negative pressure.

Special tubes for the racing sector

Production of tubes to the design of the customer for the connection of very high performing fuel fluids. Production takes place using special materials such as authentic (and non-) alloys in titanium.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.